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Why hire an interior designer?

Working with a certified designer can bring your vision to life while helping you avoid mistakes and headaches thanks to our years of experience and connections in the industry. Interior design is a balance of art and science. We are trained to think creatively while seeing the overall picture and working through challenges. We have a good design sense as well as an attention to detail, from proper lighting and furniture placement to appropriate fabric choices and color palette and fixture options.

Beyond helping you avoid costly mistakes, an interior designer can:

  • Help to increase the value of your home and boost buyer appeal;

  • Save you endless amounts of time from having to research products, brands, and prices;

  • Work directly with contractors, tradespeople, and furniture manufacturers to ensure all your needs are addressed; and

  • Provide access to products, resources, and savings that aren’t available to the general public.

We are here to do the heavy lifting—literally and figuratively!—for your project. We will guide you through an organized and transparent design process, from idea to installation.

What does it mean to be NCIDQ "certified"?

Professional interior designers who possess the NCIDQ Certification have distinguished themselves by demonstrating, through a three-part examination, a specific set of core competencies, supported by verified work experience and a college degree. They have proven their expertise in understanding and applying current codes established to protect public health, safety, and welfare. We are proud to say that our principal designer, Andi, is NCIDQ certified!

You can read more about this accomplishment and what it means for your project here.

What is Eco-Holistic Design?

This simply means we incorporate eco--holistic practices into every project. This could look like bringing in plants, selecting natural/non-toxic materials, maximizing daylight, and using green building standards. We believe you can truly thrive in your space when incorporating eco-holistic elements while being good stewards of the earth.

Who is your typical client?

Our clients range from DIY'ers to homeowners and business owners looking for design assistance from project start to finish. Our clients want to make design decisions that support their health and well-being while being socially and environmentally conscious.

Do you carry business insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured with General Liability and Errors & Omissions coverage. While we take extra care to avoid any oversights, mistakes can happen, and we are prepared if they do.

Do you specialize in a specific design style?

We specialize in styles that lean mountain modern, contemporary, farmhouse, bohemian, Scandinavian, transitional, and eclectic.


Want a visual of our favorites? Check out our Style Inspo Pinterest boards.

What are your operating hours?

Monday - Friday: 9a-5p
Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed

What areas do you service?

We currently serve the Denver Metro Area up to Fort Collins and anywhere in between, including Colorado front range mountain communities. Not sure if your location is within our service area? Contact us!





What should I expect at my consultation?

Our designer will make an on-site visit to review the "Client Intake Form" with you and assess your space. We'll jump right into discussing ideas, working through challenges, and going over material and layout options. Before we wrap up, we will discuss whether Add-On Packages are needed for additional design work and, if both parties agree to proceed, we will determine the scope of the project. All consultations include electronic notes and quick layouts, which you can expect to receive within 4 business days hours of your consultation.

Why do you require pre-pay for the Consultation?

We ask clients to pay in advance to secure the time on our calendar and show commitment to their project. We believe that the emphasis on setting clear expectations and goals upfront means our clients will always know what to expect when working with us.






What should I expect from your design process?

We are all about developing systems that keep our projects on track, on time, and on budget. This is why we developed an 11-Step Design Process to guide the way. You can read more about that process here.

What are your full-service design fees?


Senior Designer/Project Management – $115/hr

Junior Designer – $85/hr

Admin/Procurement – $55/hr

Travel – $50/hr


Do you collect a project retainer?

In order to secure your spot on our project calendar and begin the design process, a retainer is required. The retainer is held by Interiors Aligned and used against the final invoice for billable hours with the remaining balance returning to the client. You will find this is standard practice within the industry.

How do you handle your "markup"?

We have spent years building relationships with our vendors and trade partners and our markup covers our cost of doing business. For this reason, our markup is not negotiable. Our policy for products purchased by Interiors Aligned is a win-win for everyone. As members of the trade, we often get special pricing on products and services. When savings are equal to or greater than 20% off retail, we split the savings 50/50 with our clients.

It is important to remember the greatest benefit of hiring an interior designer is how we take care of our clients, manage their projects and draw from our years of experience in the business.


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