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Andi is the founder and design principal of Interiors Aligned. Through her studies, travels, volunteerism and professional work, Andi has cultivated a passion for creating beautiful spaces that inspire while taking on social and environmental issues. Andi is an NCIDQ certified and LEED accredited Interior Designer.


Andi earned her degree in Interior Design with a minor in Business at Indiana University. She became fascinated by Scandinavia’s approach to design and lifestyle while living a summer abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she studied interior architecture and sustainability.


After graduation, Andi worked at her alma mater as a designer and project manager, overseeing projects across twelve campus residential halls. She volunteered at a domestic violence shelter, where she managed a rooftop garden for adult and youth residents living at the shelter. She also was appointed to serve on the Bloomington Commission of Sustainability, where she first became active in local government.


Andi put her skills to use during her travels through Central America. In Panama, she worked alongside a local nonprofit to provide clean drinking water and healthy, eco-friendly cooking spaces for a rural community. In Nicaragua, she and a team of six designers developed educational materials with the use of local, renewable supplies. These international experiences have helped shape her approach to designing spaces right here at home, through the use of sustainable, non-toxic materials.


While participating in a biomimicry workshop among the saguaros of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, she met a mountain man who convinced her to relocate to Boulder, CO, and they got hitched a few years later. Their combined design and construction experience makes them a great team and has opened up new and exciting creative opportunities.




Our construction consultant, project manager and carpenter who has been in the construction industry for over 18 years. You may not see him on every project but he's a great asset to our business.

He started in the construction trades working for a high-end custom home builder where his love for seeing the tangible results of his work was fulfilled. His career then evolved over the years as he pursued his own highly successful trim carpentry business followed by a project manager role managing a diverse portfolio of multi-million dollar construction projects for corporations and municipalities. He enjoys putting together successful power teams, and his unique skill set and diverse project background has resulted in success in growing a profitable real estate investment portfolio.


In his free time, he can be found adventuring in the Colorado backcountry, volunteering, and working on house projects.



Indie was rescued as a puppy from an arroyo (a steep gully formed by the action of fast-flowing water in an arid or semi-arid region) in the desert of New Mexico and has been going to job sites since she was only three months old.

She's a natural stress reducer and a therapy dog-in-training. Her main role on the Interiors Aligned team is to sell smiles and inform the office when it's time to take a break and get outside.

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